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Clara's trademark sound is warmth, wit, and sassy charm. Clara records in a professional home studio with an AT2020 microphone, Focusrite Scarlet Solo Audio Interface, and a Rolls MP13 Pre-amp, on Adobe Audition and iZotope RX7. She has trained with Elise Arsenault at the Global Actor, completed the Great Audiobook Adventure course, trained with dialect coach Molly Wetzel, and the Deyan Audio Masterclass with P.J. Ochlan. Clara is an APA member.


When Clara isn't recording audiobooks she loves to tackle new accents. Some of the accents she can perform are American Southern, New York/ New Jersey, Baltimore, Estuary, Irish, Russian, Scottish, and French. 

A Maryland girl transplanted to New Jersey, Clara has a lifelong love of audiobooks. Some of her previous life experience has been in the performing arts, studio art, art history, sailing regattas, billiards, and baking. She is a menace in a bookstore or a teashop. 

Clara brings all this along with a passion for giving dynamic characters compelling voices to each audiobook she narrates.


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